Who we are :

Sufi Islamic Board is a registered Body of Trusts and individual Personalities following the Sufi Parampara as practiced by the Sufi Saints throughout the World. It is registered at the Charity Commissioner’s Office, Greater Mumbai Region and its registered office address at 275, Kadri Manzil, Nagdevi Street, Opp. Crawford Market, Mumbai – 400003.
Since many years we have been fighting against the fundamental Islamic ideologies.

Why sufi islamic board ?

Thoughts of Sufism have the roots in the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) to the Companions of the Suffa (The Sufi’s) and later on the philosophies of WAHDAT – AL – WAJOOD which was preached by Ibn – e – Arabi in the 12th century. This thought is exactly the same as the thought of AHAM BRAHMASMI which is the essence of Advaita Vedanta founded by, Adi Shankaracharya A-dvaita of the 8th century. Both these philosophies teach NON – DUALISM or DWANDA BHAAV.

The reason behind the conflict between the Sufi’s and the Cleargy has its base in the root of Islamic Teachings at the time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

The conflict is summarised in the following events in the Islamic History.

The crux of the fundamental Islamic history lies in the history of Islam at the base of which are two families –

  • The family of Prophet Mohammed S.A.W. that comprises of the Prophet himself, Hazrat Ali a.s. , Janab Fatima s.a. , Hazrat Hasan a.s. and Hazrat Husain a.s. and the followers and lovers of this family.
  • A power ruler of Mecca by the name of Abu Sufiyan whose family comprise of : Abu Sufiyan, his wife Hinda, their son Maviya and Maviya’s son Yazeed and the followers of his family.

Example of conflict between the two families:

Abu Sufiyan had waged war against Prophet Mohammed S.A.W. many times.

Hinda had eaten the raw heart of Hazrat Hamza r.a., who was the beloved uncle of Prophet Mohammed S.A.W. after the war in Ohad.
Maviya had waged war against Hazrat Ali a.s. more than fifty times and was also instrumental in poisoning of Hazrat Hasan a.s.
Yazeed called Hazrat Husain a.s. at Karbala for Peace Conference and betrayed him and martyred Imam Husain a.s. and his whole family in which, a child, Janabe Ali Asgar of 6 months was also martyred.
So, basically this forms the base of Islamic history where the fight is between the GOOD (represented by the family of Prophet Mohammed and his followers) and EVIL ( represented by the family of Abu Sufiyan and their followers).

From the early history till date, this conflict is the base of Fanatic Islamic ideology. People who follow Prophet Mohammed and his family are peace loving and are attacked and the people who follow the teachings of Abu Sufiyan and his family and are the preparators of fanatic Islamic ideology. All terrorist organization such as Al – Qaida, ISIS and all other organizations of the world form part of this ideology. Some of them call themselves Sufis also to misguide the masses and to misguide the common people who do not understand this conflict and perceive all the Muslim masses to be the same, which is not true at all. These organizations and the followers of this ideology are funded by the extremist regimes of the world who also follow the same ideology ( one example is of Dr. Zakir Naik, where he rose to fame after being funded by the extremist regimes.)


To create awareness amongst the general masses about the True Sufi Teachings, we need to propagate true Sufi Parampara through Sufi Islamic Board, so that Peace can be arrived at between the various practicing religions of Bharat.


To bring the world out of the clutches of fundamentalism.